Java Dawg Events

We believe great coffee should be central to every important event. Whether it is a wedding, a business event, or a corporate gathering…good coffee and amazing espresso drinks help make those events more memorable and professional. Over the past year, we have enjoyed a few such events and now we are launching our JavaDawg events packages. 



Are you looking for a truly unique coffee experience at your wedding? Image a coffee concession bus with a cafe area on the top open deck! Your guests could order their espresso and enjoy the drink on the top deck of the bus. Talk about making a memorable wedding experience!

bus coffee truck for weddings
coffee van for corporate events


Corporate Events

The Java Dawg Bus or van can be a lovely addition to your corporate or business events. Whether it is a product unveiling, gathering of executives or a business appreciation dinner, find out how Java Dawg coffee can make your event more memorable (and tasty). 


More about JavaDawg

If you are not already familiar with Java Dawg, we’ve been a staple of the Sarasota Farmers Market for many years. Now we’re excited to bring the familiar Java Dawg bus and van to your events and make them more impressionable.

coffee family with coffee truck


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