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Discover the exquisite  Medium/Dark Tanzania Coffee, a 100% Arabica coffee, grown on the majestic slopes of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru by small mountainside farmers is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile. These farmers, with their deep-rooted knowledge and passion for coffee cultivation, dedicate themselves to producing some of the finest Arabica beans in the world.

The high-altitude terroir of the region, combined with the volcanic soil and ideal climate, creates the perfect conditions for growing premium Arabica coffee. The cool temperatures and ample rainfall contribute to the slow and steady maturation of the coffee cherries, resulting in beans with remarkable complexity and flavor.

Tanzanian Arabica coffee is celebrated for its bright acidity, balanced sweetness, and distinct floral and fruity notes. Each sip unveils a symphony of flavors, ranging from citrus and berries to floral undertones, creating a delightful and memorable coffee experience.

The small mountainside farmers of Tanzania employ traditional and sustainable farming practices, carefully hand-picking the ripe cherries and processing them with utmost care. Their dedication to quality and their commitment to preserving the natural environment ensure that every cup of Tanzanian Arabica coffee is a true testament to their craftsmanship.

By choosing Arabica coffee from Tanzania, you not only support the livelihoods of these small farmers but also contribute to the preservation of the region’s rich coffee heritage. With each sip, you can taste the labor of love and the remarkable journey from the slopes of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru to your cup.

Experience the exceptional flavors and the story behind Tanzanian Arabica coffee. Indulge in a cup of this exquisite brew and savor the unique taste that is a result of the passion, dedication, and natural beauty of Tanzania’s mountainside coffee farmers.

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A unique, bright and flavorful African coffee, most Tanzanian  is grown on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru by small mountainside farmers. The peaberries are round rather than flat on one side, and grow solo without a twin bean inside the coffee cherry. This produces a single bean with the flavor intensity of two!
Medium-bodied and extremely smooth, our medium roasted Tanzanian hints at flavors of chocolate and black currant, with aromas of citrus, coconut

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